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The Bookie Basher Club!

…the home of professional horseracing tips. 

The Dream…

  • You want to make a tax-free income (or second income) from the comfort of your home
  • You want to pay off your debts
  • You want to afford all of those little luxuries you thought you never could
  • You want a nice home, a nice car, regular holidays
  • You want to do all of this, stress-free, for little effort, despite ‘austerity measures’ by the government, despite a stagnant economy, despite ‘Brexit’
  • You want your friends and family to look at you and think, “How the hell does he/she do it…..?”



The Reality…

OK – enough of the cheese!

Those few bullet points above, or variations on them, must have been repeated hundreds of thousands of times on ‘get-rich’ websites since the dawn of the internet.

And it’s easy to become very sceptical and believe that these opportunities simply do not exist.

For the most part you’d be absolutely right. I’d guess that 95% to 99% of all get-rich schemes ever devised are absolute bollocks – nothing more than a way of lining someone else’s pockets with your hard-earned cash.

Don’t get me wrong. There are some very well-meaning folk out there who genuinely believe they have discovered a way to deliver all of those things I have listed above.

And some do work. Not many, but some….

The question is, how do you filter out those that do work from the rest of the crap?

It’s not easy and I don’t pretend to be qualified to best advise you on that.

What I do know is that over the years I have tried an awful lot of things in search of something that would provide me with the security and the lifestyle I craved.

Most things I tried failed miserably and I actually lost money.

Some things worked, but not to the scale that would make any difference to my lifestyle – and not without an awful lot of work.

The Solution…

One day it suddenly hit me. It had been staring me in the face all the time. Why hadn’t I seen this opportunity before?

For many years I had been a bit of a part-time ‘punter’. I’d have a small bet on the horses, usually only at weekends and the odd football bet here and there.

The thing is, I was quite good at it.

I always did my research. I studied form. I looked at statistics, trends, figures and ratings. I listened to experts and was always a few quid up each month.

The answer was simple – do what you are good at and scale it up.

Become a professional gambler!

And that’s exactly what I did.

Professional gambling provides the opportunity to make money – good money – every minute of every day if you are good at your job.

And I am good.

Now I’m not going to show you some fake pictures of my Ferrari, my house with an Olympic sized swimming pool in Monaco or some Photoshop’d bank statements. Let’s just say I have nice cars, a nice home and a healthy bank balance.

All is not perfect, however.

I didn’t take long before my bookmaker accounts, one at a time, became restricted or closed – because I had the audacity to win money!!!

That, my friends, is how the bookies are very, very, wealthy.

They will take money all day long from the losing punters (90% or more), but they don’t like sharing that money out with the 10% who are winning. Oh no – they want to keep it all to themselves!

So, although I still have a few bookies accounts open and running ‘normally’, most of my transactions these days are on the betting exchanges.

The way I can supplement my income is by selling my expertise (professional horseracing tips) to anyone who is prepared to pay for it – i.e., as a pro tipster.

‘The Bookie Basher Club’ is the vehicle through which I do this.



I can’t say how much you will win, or how quickly your bank will grow because this depends on too many variables – are you disciplined –  are you able to follow every bet I send to you – which bookmaker will you use – what is the size of your betting bank at the outset?

All of these things matter. All I can say is if you do exactly as I do, you will make money.

This is no false claim – and although you can never foretell the future, past performance will provide you with a trend line (literally, on a graph..!), by which you can say with a degree of certainty what your financial position will be at any given point in the future.

That’s the science bit out of the way – so, what now?

The Offer…Professional Horseracing Tips!

Well – The Bookie Basher Club is a monthly subscription service providing professional horseracing tips which is going to cost you a flat £75 per month to join. I can’t be arsed to mess about with 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, 12 month or lifetime rates, nor do I offer an introductory discount.

Everything is dead simple – £75 a month and that’s it.

There’s no VAT yet as I’ve just launched this club and I have no idea how successful it will be in terms of subscribers. It may well be that I need to start charging VAT at some point in the future. If I do, I’ll probably reduce the price to offset the VAT

The club tips/selections are all ‘proofed’ in advance of the ‘event’ and past results can be viewed HERE.

Tips are sent out by email, usually before midday on the day of the event but for some events this could be the night before or even several days ahead.

The tips will also be posted in the members area on this website.

The Warnings…

Yes – there are a couple of warnings I need to bring up here – just to cover myself.

Gambling can be addictive and whilst I am supremely confident that members will profit over the medium to long term, betting can result in short-term losses.

To counter this, members MUST have a betting bank and a bet size proportionate to that bank.discipline2

In the spirit of keeping things simple, I recommend a starting betting bank size of 50 ‘points’.

Bets will be either 1 point win up to 5 points win (Max Bet), or each way bets where the maximum bet size would be 2.5 points each way.

To calculate your bet size, divide your bank by 50 to arrive at the stake – simple!

For example, if your starting betting  bank is £500, then 1 point = £10. If your starting betting bank is £250, then 1 point  = £5.

It follows, then, that a 5 point bet would be £50 if betting at £10 per point.

A maximum each way bet at £10 per point, for example, would be £25 each way (£25 win and £25 place).

If your bank size decreases, then be sure to adjust your bet size proportionately.

As your bank size increases then you need to decide whether you want to apply a limit to your bet size, or increase it proportionately to the size of your bank.

Some Simple Rules…

1 – Don’t bet what you can’t afford to lose
2 – Don’t chase losses with ever-increasing bet sizes
3 – Don’t bet bigger than your betting bank suggests you should
4 – Enjoy your winnings by ‘taking profits’ rather than growing a bigger and bigger betting bank with bigger and bigger stakes to match! Try to get the balance right….
5 – Open multiple bookie accounts to ‘stay under the radar’ of any one particular bookie

Now, let’s go and bash some bookies!